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WAVES S. à r. l. from Luxembourg selected as WSA winner 2021 in the category “Environment & Green Energy”

Press release, February 2022

THE WORLD SUMMIT AWARDS WINNERS OF 2021WAVES S. à r. l. from Luxembourg selected as WSA winner 2021 in the category “Environment & Green Energy” 

Modern technology combined with a social cause and smart content not only solves problems, but it also enhances equality, information access and inclusion. The WSA Winners 2021 provide a meaningful selection of worldwide content driven applications contributing to the achievement of the UN SDGs – 40 solutions from 29 countries have been awarded by an international jury.

The winners of 2021 demonstrate how content driven digital solutions decisively support economic and societal challenges and assist to achieve the UN SDGs. The global pandemic specifically demonstrated the importance of digital solutions and this years winners are an excellent example how digital solutions and applications can help protect the environment, support healthcare, provide inclusive and high-quality education, connect people and share relevant information. The winning projects demonstrate the diversity and richness of digital content solutions globally.

Given that WSA had nominations from almost 100 UN member states, there were an estimated 8000 projects and products under consideration, and WAVES’ contribution “Sustainability Management Platform (SMP)” has been chosen to be among the 40 most outstanding!

„With the Sustainability Management Platform (SMP) we offer a solution for one of the biggest problems of our time: climate change. Similar to managing a financial controlling tool, the SMP enables our B2B customers, regardless of size and sector, to make their supply chain and corporate sustainability KPIs transparent, to analyze them and to take corporate actions towards more sustainability. We feel honored to receive this award as the Luxemburgish contribution at the WSA’s. It not only underlines the effectiveness of our solution but also supports Luxembourg’s ambition to become a European leader in digital and sustainable tech innovations. Therefore we are also proud to represent Luxembourg - where our invention has recently been labeled „Made in Luxembourg“ - at the WSA’s.“

WAVES will be recognized for the SUSTAINABILITY MANAGEMENT PLATFORM in the category “ENVIRONMENT AND GREEN ENERGY”. The award ceremony will be held at the WSA Global Congress 2022 on March 22nd.

“The WSA Winners combine several major focus points - the commitment on the UN SDGs and solving economic, ecologic and social issues with smart content applications. Evaluated by an international expert Jury in 2 stages – a multi-stakeholder college unique in terms of diversity and background – the 40 WSA Winners 2021 have been tried for sustainability, aim, technical and strategic finesse. This year’s challenges show more than ever how much digital means can offer progress and solutions. This year’s WSA Winners present a wonderful showcase of purpose driven innovation and entrepreneurship.”


WSA was founded in 2003 by Austria in the framework of the UN World Summit on Information Society. WSA is a global initiative recognizing local digital content contributing to the achievement of the UN SDGs.

WSA reaches digital entrepreneurs in 187 countries world-wide and provides a unique platform for everyone interested in purpose driven digital innovation. Through close cooperation with the United Nations agencies and strategic alignment with the UN SDGs, the WSA is a globally recognized quality seal for digital innovation.

Visit WSA on www.wsa-global.org


WAVES was founded in 2019 with the vision to make sustainability visible through digitization. WAVES’ Sustainability Management Platform (SMP) provides carbon footprint calculations and sustainability analyses to its B2B customers from all sectors and enables decision-makers to set up their business more sustainably.

Visit WAVES at www.waves-sustainability.com


Source: waves-sustainability.com/wp-content/uploads/Press-release_WSA_EN.pdf