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Neues BCLD Mitglied: Arthur Welter Transports S.à r.l.

ARTHUR WELTER is a family-owned transport and logistics provider, founded in 1962. The headquarter is based in Leudelange/Luxembourg, with subsidiaries in Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Slovakia.

With it’s 750 employees, the group offers international transportation services in Europe, and operates a truck fleet of more than 400 vehicles. ARTHUR WELTER provides also a wide range of logistics services with a warehouse capacitiy of more than 70.000 square meters. With ist subsidiary AGIMEX it’s the market leader in Luxembourg for custom services.

Main activities:

  • International Transport
  • National Distribution
  • Integrated Logistics
  • Customs Agency

The core values of ARTHUR WELTER are Confidence&Partnership, Flexibility, Expertise, Independency and Responsability.