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G-Core Labs expands in Germany

Luxembourg-based cloud solutions company G-Core Labs is opening its 16th public cloud in Frankfurt-am-Main and its sixth office in Hamburg.

After the Netherlands in May, October 2021 is being marked as Germany month for G-Core Labs. The Luxembourg-based cloud solutions company has just opened an office in Hamburg and a public cloud in Frankfurt. It now has a total of six offices (including one in Germany, one in Lithuania, one in Belarus and two in Russia) and 16 public cloud infrastructures in Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Russia, Japan, Singapore and the USA.

At the moment, five people work for its German branch, headed by Elena Simon, but this number is set to grow. In total G-Core Labs has 400 employees, including 30 in Luxembourg.

Towards 40 public clouds

The company’s objective is to be present in the "Germany-Switzerland-Austria" region, where "some of the largest European economies are located", a spokesperson explains. G-Core Labs has an annual turnover of €30m and posted profits of €1.7m.

With 120 content delivery networks across 100 cities worldwide, G-Core Labs is racking up Guinness World Records citations to allow millions of players to play at the same time. It also offers services such as managed hosting and protection against DDoS attacks. Its clients include Avast, Michelin and the American video game publisher RedFox Games.

After the opening of Frankfurt, G-Core Labs plans to expand to a total of 40 public clouds in the next two years. It is particularly targeting "Asia, Australia and Europe".

Source: This article was originally written in French for Paperjam and has been translated and edited by Delano