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Miranda Konstantinidou
Founder/Designer KONPLOTT

Miranda Konstantinidou became internationally known through her "KONPLOTT" jewellery brand. She was born in Thessaloniki (Greece), later studying fashion illustration and fashion design in Bologna (Italy) and Trier (Germany).

In 1986 - still as a student - she founded KONPLOTT which today has more than 1,300 employees, 99% of them are women. „We are a female-company“, says the jewellery and fashion designer Miranda Konstantinidou who is seen as ‘The Queen of Colour’, setting trends in costume jewellery for many years. With headquarters in Cebu, Philippines and in Luxembourg, Miranda Konstantinidou relies strongly upon solidarity and a strong company culture. Even today every single piece of KONPLOTT jewellery is designed by Miranda Konstantinidou. Each piece is made by hand, and the collections are produced in limited editions. For the last 16 years Miranda has run her own manufacturing in Cebu. Nothing is outsourced, 100% of the items are made in house. That gives Miranda the freedom to constantly develop new production techniques. She combines ancient methods with new techniques and experiments with unusual combinations of materials.

The enormous variety of her creations is legendary: „Every woman has so many faces. We have so much wealth, so many possibilities and so many different moods in each and every one of us“, says Miranda.

In the mid 1990s she opened her first single-brand KONPLOTT Shop of which there are now 70, in more than 8 countries like Germany, Switzerland, Russia and China. In 2012 Miranda Konstantinidou introduced her high fashion Resort & Cruise Collection on the Runway of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin creating lots of attention. A symbiosis of fashion, jewellery and accessories.

„Jewellery means memories, history, emotion. Like music and aroma it is a direct reference to your experiences.“ - Miranda Konstantinidou wants to make the world sparkle!.

6, Rue de la Montagne
6582 Rosport
Angelo Kram, General Manager