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IT & Telekommunikation / Logistik / Distribution / Verschiffung / Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie

Innovative Software SARL promotes EDIfly, the signature tool of for integrated messaging in Aviation & Logistics without legacy networks (SITA, Collins Aerospace). Its unique transmission technology allows airlines, airports, ground handlers, passenger service + cargo systems, travel-portals, road-feeder-services, customs immigration, etc. to securely exchange operational messages with global partners over the public internet. EDIfly achieves banking-like data security without any direct links (MQ Series, FTP, VPN, etc.) or complex bespoke API-integration. Supports leading industry standards defined by IATA and UN/ICAO.

  • High-performance, rule-based Message Broker
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • No volume-related charges
  • Global community messaging
  • Partnership in data security: SeeZam® www.seezam.com/lu/
  • Since 2010 – Launch partner: Cargolux International Airlines S.A.
60A, rue de Bettembourg
5811 Fentange
Ingo Rössler, Chief Commercial Officer