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Zortify S.A.

Forschung & Entwicklung / IT & Telekommunikation / Personalwesen / Rekrutierung

Zortify’s mission is to enable everyone to make better decisions by using artificial intelligence (AI) to translate complex data into easily understandable and usable insights.

Founded in 2018 in the heart of Europe, Zortify is considered to be one of the most innovative and promising deep tech companies from Luxembourg.

Its technology solutions are based on the latest applied research and expertise in data & computer science, natural language processing (NLP), psychology, and people analytics to disrupt decision-making processes. By using AI, Zortify generates additional layers of information that are not visible to the human eye.

Zortify's solutions help decision-makers in various fields, such as personnel selection and development in HR contexts, as well as the identification of investment targets by analyzing the people behind the investment to avoid potential losses. Additional applications are under development.

With headquarters located in Luxembourg City and a branch in Cologne (Germany), the team embodies a diverse and inclusive corporate culture. Comprising 8 nationalities from 4 continents, 12 languages, 59% women, 7 PhDs, Zortify is one of the most attractive young companies for top talents and AI experts from all over the world.

9, rue du Laboratoire
1911 Luxemburg
Sonja Becker, Sales & Business Development Manager
00352 228 16301