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e-Comas Sarl


e-Comas - eCommerce Made Simple was founded by ecommerce expert Jérôme de Guigné in 2013, with the simple idea of helping brands sell products online.

We quickly realised companies were struggling with establishing profitable and sustainable ecommerce strategies. That’s when ‘Amazon Made Simple’ was born, which later became ‘eCommerce Made Simple’ - e-Comas.

Today we work with major multinational brands to define and design strong omnichannel expansion strategies, integrating Amazon, Shopify, CDiscount, Veepee, Bol, Walmart and all other major ecommerce platforms.

With a hands-on approach, our experts coach brands and handle their accounts to sustainably grow their business and improve their agility in tackling everyday challenges with online retail.

Put simply, we help brands grow faster on ecommerce, globally. Our team provides expertise to help brands maximise their potential on all online retail platforms - growing their sales by up to 10 times!

Amazon experts in our team

locations: Luxembourg, US, India, Madagascar

languages spoken: UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, NL, RU, CZ, SK, LU, RO, DK, TR

years of combined ecommerce experience

  • Member of the Amazon Service Provider Network
  • PIM Salsify certified
  • with an Amazon DSP seat

Expert team made up of:

  • ex-Amazonians
  • ex-brand owners
  • trade specialists

to enable businesses to thrive on all ecommerce platforms through outstanding sales and excellence in brand presence.

to be the most customer-centric ecommerce global agency in North America and Europe.

68 Avenue de la Liberté
1930 Luxemburg
Jérôme de Guigné, CEO
+352 621 624 950